It's the team that makes us great!

Our Team

The service professionals at Frame Service, led by ace service manager John Leedy, will give you an honest appraisal of the parts and repairs needed, the costs involved, and the necessary time to finish the job. If additional work is required, they will let you know the exact time issues involved. No excuses. When your truck or trailer rolls away from Frame Service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing the job was done RIGHT, and you’ll rest assured that the technicians at Frame Service have contributed to your own reputation for reliability.

Service Manager John Leedy has over 30 years of manufacturer dealership experience. He is certified in chassis, electronics, brake, air conditioning, drive line, hybrid, Cummins, Detroit, and Caterpillar engines. John prides himself on being a “hands-on” service manager, and has no problem getting his own fingers dirty to insure your maintenance and repair jobs have the highest priority. He knows exactly what is happening in each of those 18 service bays, and is ready to troubleshoot whenever necessary. You can count on John to be fully aware of your specific service needs, and your time concerns as well.

Our Service Writer, Pam, has been with Frame Service for 20 years. Pam is your inside contact for service on your vehicle. You can rely on her to keep you fully informed, and that your repair work is on schedule.

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